Swedish Aromatherapy $45 - $70
A classic full body massage customized with aroma therapy essentials oil to promote well-being. 30 min - 60 min
Hot Stones Massage Treatment $90 - $120
A deep soothing, relaxing massage which eases tension and loosens muscle while releasing toxins. 60 min - 90 min
Deep Tissue $50 - $85
A massage focused on specific areas of the body in which the muscles are massaged both with and across the fibers for a maximum release of tension. Sustained pressure may be applied to trigger points to facilitate their release. 30 min - 60 min
Luxury 90 Minute $120
A classic full body aroma therapy massage that is longer so extra attention can be applied to strained, tense areas, or simply for the ultimate in relaxation.
Maternity $90
For the woman experiencing an uncomplicated pregnancy, a massage that promotes relaxation. 60 min
Paris $55
A 30 minute aromatherapy massage focused on one or two areas of the body.
Signature Paris $90
The ultimate 60 minute experience begins with a brisk body brushing followed by a massage that relaxes muscles, tissues and reduces stress
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